When designing a bathroom that will be used by kids, certain aspects must be taken into account regarding functionality and design. The bathroom must allow the little one’s imagination and fun to run free, without forgetting safety, comfort and resistance in each of its components. 

Shower or bath?

When there are little ones in the house the most practical option would be baths, just like if it was a pirate ship, children can play and splash around in a way that is completely accessible to parents. Likewise, if you are renovating, we recommend opting for a slip-resistant shower tray such as our Gotham design, as it is a more modern solution and it adapts to all members of the household.

Bath enclosure or curtain?

Whether you opt for a bath or for a shower. The best option for a bathroom with kids are the glass or acrylic enclosures, as they are certified enclosures like those at GetYourShower, offering a much more stable, safe and resistant solution regarding the curtains. Likewise, the watertightness of an enclosure is significantly better than that of a curtain. This way, you avoid flooding the bathroom every time you shower.

Play area or practicality?

Without a doubt, the bathroom should be appealing to kids, so that shower time can be dynamic and efficient. For this, opt for a decoration that combines both purposes. Organise the bathroom to their size with step ladders that ease their access to the bath or the sink and incorporate wall hooks that are adapted to their height so that they can hang their towels or bathrobes themselves. Ideal elements to add a fun touch to the bathroom.

Likewise, another option to allow children’s imagination to reach full potential is to personalise the bathroom enclosure with the Glass Printing technology system. A technology that allows printing the design that you want over the glass, from a pirate ship to their favourite animal. A unique option, that will make the bathroom their favourite room in the house. A space where they can play and relax in a familiar and welcoming atmosphere.