GetYourShower began with the idea of offering bespoke bath enclosures with complete freedom of personalisation, that would satisfy the needs of every user and every bathroom. However, one of the greatest assets of GetYourShower is its commitment to quality: a manufacturing process is used whereby we work with the very best materials available and offer the very best possible shower equipment, in terms of design and finish.

Maximum personalisation

As such, one of the main goals of GetYourShower is to adapt to customers and to facilitate the decoration of their bathroom areas. To that end, we offer personalised, bespoke bath enclosures to suit your every need, as well as the décor of each bathroom. The option to customise screens and install them via your own means is also a service that GetYourShower takes care of down to the last detail, both via its Virtual Decorator and in the perfect packaging and arrangement of the parts. It is our goal to ensure that after being given advice as to how to measure and install it, the customer can personally put the shower enclosure into place in the most efficient, comfortable way possible.


Proprietary quality-control laboratory

In order to ensure that our shower enclosures meet and surpass our quality standards at all times, and that we can offer the best possible products to our clients, exhaustive quality and safety checks must be carried out. At the laboratory, GetYourShower performs demanding quality tests to ensure the durability and strength of each component. The tests carried out include:

Proprietary quality-control laboratory

Quality certifications

 All bath enclosures must undergo these checks to obtain approval, pursuant to the EN 14428:2005 international standard. This standard is specific to shower enclosures, testing and certifying that each component is of high quality, and that it has every guarantee of durability, resistance and easy cleaning to an optimal state after exposure to daily use.

To that end, it should be noted that GetYourShower has all the certificates required of enclosure manufacturers, which aim to avoid serious risks caused by the marketing of non-approved materials and products.

If you, too, appreciate high quality blended with trendy designs, bespoke bath enclosures from GetYourShower are waiting for you in the online shop. Make your bathroom an elegant, functional, relaxing and safe place.