The silver screen has given us plenty of bath and shower scenes full of sensuality, humour, introspection and even drama or terror. Let’s remember seven films where actors and actresses have got wet in front of millions of viewers, sometimes even keeping their clothes on.

The Clockwork Orange

[1] This could be the case of Malcolm McDowell, the odd, maladjusted character of Alex in The Clockwork Orange (1971), directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, who used the bathroom setting time after time in his films, if only as the hideout of a mad, axe-wielding husband.


La dolce vita

[2] And also fully clothed, treating us to the vision of her frolicking in water, we have Anita Ekberg playing a Nordic diva who, enjoying La dolce vita (1969), won for herself the Italian passion of paparazzo Marcelo and the whole of Rome. Because when it’s about the magic of film we don’t need showers, just wanting to have some fun can get us to take a bath in the Trevi Fountain itself.



[3] But it is difficult to outdo the Egyptian female most famous as the queen of bathing, a figure from history who we have reconstructed in our imagination today as the goddess of sensuality – a woman’s wiles can save an empire, even from the insatiable Romans – who took luxury baths befitting her status, even using asses’ milk instead of water. And although the historians tell us that she was not so beautiful, in fact quite the contrary, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra (1963) made sure that the myth would live on.


Fight Club

[4] Masculine beauty has also left its imprint on many retinas, viz. Brad Pitt relaxing with a cigarette in a bathtub in Fight Club (1999), a peaceful still from a film stuffed full of fights, in all senses of the word, against others, against ourselves and against the value system we live in. A bath doesn’t only clean us on the outside.


The Grand Lebowski

[5] Although it is satire that envelopes the dude called The Dude, played by Jeff Bridges in The Grand Lebowski (1998), the bathroom takes a centre-stage position not granted to it in other films, since it witnesses first-hand the key scene where the Dude’s house is broken into and he, relaxing in an alcoholic haze, is threatened with a ferret while lying submerged in the bathtub.


American Beauty

[6] But let’s forget about weasels and get back to the romantic side of taking a shower with your partner, or getting into bathwater full of rose petals, like Carolyn in American Beauty (1999). The image of a pretty woman surrounded by rose petals is one we find throughout history and which has been recreated by thousands of couples around the world, but no such scene is quite as cinematic as the one with Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening.



[7] And lastly, of course, we cannot overlook the most famous bathroom scene – perhaps – in film history. The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, gave us the biggest shiver ever with one of the most famous big-screen murders ever (and that’s saying something) in Psycho (1960), where the soundtrack and close-up shots, amongst others of the shower plughole, have gone down in history.

But we mustn’t let this classic scene make us afraid of showers. It’s just a film, and the most dangerous thing we might encounter in a good bath is not adjusting the hot water properly. And what’s more, if Janet Leigh had used a GETYOURSHOWER shower screen instead of that shower curtain, she would have been saved from that maniac and his knife…but then we would have missed out on one of the most legendary scenes in film history.

We’ll suggest it for the remake