The days when all bathrooms were decorated along similar lines are over. For some years now, the architectural and interior design industries have been showing a growing trend towards bathrooms marked by originality and decorative ingenuity. As such, the bathroom has taken on an unprecedented level of importance in the home, becoming one of the key spaces of any house.

For a bathroom with an impressive character and personality, the focus should be on a mould-breaking aesthetic that reflects “timeless” styles in a renewed, attractive form.  Shower enclosure profiles are an ideal resource for achieving this effect, as they represent an original, functional way of creating a simple bathroom, a singular temple conducive to relaxation.

A trend for every shower enclosure finish

  1. Industrial style: To give your bathroom an industrial aesthetic straight out of 1950s New York, include silver or high-gloss silver profiling; and a Fijos One shower enclosure such as our Walk-In enclosures, which are now 10% off until July 30.
  1. Black & White Contrasts: One of the most cutting-edge trends in interior decoration is to create contrasts using timeless white throughout the bathroom, framing the shower space with black profiling. Make your bathroom express style and originality with this Mix&Match. 
  1. Natural inspiration: the bathroom is a space conducive to relaxation, therefore many opt to focus on decoration that evokes calm, nature and well-being. The Wenge natural wood-effect profile, combined with a shower enclosure with relaxing natural motifs made with Getyourshower’s Glass Colour Printing technique, is perfect for this trend. 
  1. Metallic trends: One of the most ground-breaking trends of 2017 is the metallic style. Playing with the plumbing, decorative elements, linings and even the profile of your shower enclosure offers excellent possibilities for including this dazzling trend, without being excessive or overwhelming the ambience.
  1. Invisible minimalism: Finally, a classic among classics: the minimalist trend is reinventing itself, proposing concepts that really expound the “less is more” trend as far as possible, such as dematerialisation. The goal of this innovative trend is to create the optical illusion of the shower being invisible. This effect is achieved using a shower enclosure with white profiles, in an environment in which the said colour is predominant. This is a great idea for making your shower enclosure disappear, in the most stylish and minimal manner possible.

GetYourShower, never failing to focus on bath enclosures marked by high performance and quality, has developed a virtual decorator that allows you complete freedom to customise your bath enclosures, including the profiles. As such, it provides an infinite number of decorative possibilities when it comes to creating a bathroom with your own unique personal stamp.

With GetYourShower, you’ll find a wide range of shower enclosures with various openings: hinged, folding, sliding and walk-in. And you can choose between several profile finishes, such as chrome, bronze, white, silver, high-gloss silver, black and wenge.

The profiling used by GetYourShower is clearly distinguished by its quality and commitment to excellence, since the firm has its own laboratory for performing quality-control checks on all its parts, thereby exceeding even the most demanding quality standards for the market and responding to the needs for tightness, coverage and optimal closure.