When refurbishing or designing your own made-to-measure bathroom, you need to consider which shower enclosure model you are going to choose and which opening system it will possess. Not only will this affect the remaining space in your bathroom, but also cleanliness and, above all, user-friendliness and adaptation to your needs.

If you have been reviewing the pros and cons of walk-in, swinging and folding enclosures; look no further than sliding shower enclosures. The opening system consists of at least one fixed panel and a sliding one, with the latter being slid behind the fixed panel, allowing access to the shower.

This opening system is a must-have – 90% of customers choose it for any type of shower tray and finish, from square and semi-circle to rectangular or frontal.

Benefits and drawbacks of sliding shower enclosures

Thanks to their versatility, sliding shower enclosures are the most popular shower facilities in the world, as they are suitable for use with any type of tray. However, one of their main disadvantages is water tightness; they can let water through and out of the shower. With this in mind, this type of enclosure is most suited to showers with a hydromassage column, with various pressure and water output modes.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this type of enclosure leaves you with a more spacious bathroom.  No part of the enclosure sticks out over the edge of the shower tray, nor is an opening angle required, thus making these the most suitable enclosures for small bathrooms – where every centimetre counts.

When it comes to sliding enclosures, special attention must be paid to the rollers. These are what allow you to open the door to the shower and, like the framework, they affect the enclosure’s lifespan. Therefore, we recommend that you use double, quality rollers to ensure that the opening of the enclosure is easy, smooth and silent. Furthermore, you should bear in mind that double rollers are longer-lasting than the simple variety as they reduce wear and tear.

The disadvantages of this type of enclosure opening include its cleaning difficulties, due to the rollers and added framework; and their poor adaptability to minimalist bathrooms, which require more sober, simple designs.


Sliding shower enclosures by GetYourShower:

At GetYourShower, the online shop for customised and made-to-measure shower enclosures, we offer a wide range of sliding enclosures. More specifically, their catalogue is complete with ideas from the Summer, Vita, Wind, Fresh, Select, Cristaldux, Smart, Vetro, Land and Moon ranges. The best thing about this company is that they offer any customisation and adaptability option to any measure and shower space, giving you the freedom to personally select your preferred model, number of panels, type of glass and framework You also have the option of adding the Teknoclean system for up to 8 years of limescale protection, or decorating your shower with any design and finish with Glass Printing Technology.

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