In a space as simple as a bathroom, you need decorative elements and bathroom features that will add character and identity to the environment. As experts in enclosures, we know that the shower or the bathtub is a key element for giving a bathroom its own unique identity. You should use timeless design pieces and complete the look with decorative elements that can be adjusted repeatedly in order to give the space a renovated appearance with an optimal decorative finish.

Timeless design pieces

As we have already anticipated, one of the most important elements is the shower or bathtub area. A bathtub free of minimalist lines and a double access Walk-In shower are some of the most cutting-edge trends for achieving a bathroom that is stylish and extraordinary.

But if you would like to make a smaller change with a maximum result, the shower enclosure could be your best ally, since it can also become the key element for strengthening the design of your bathroom. GetYourShower offers us infinite decorative possibilities through its made-to-measure enclosures where you can choose between different opening styles, designs and finishes. One of the most popular choices for this season is to play with the profile of the shower enclosure to create a contrast through colour pairings, such as black and white.

Other elements to bear in mind are the bathroom sink and furniture. These two elements together are capable of recreating any decorative style. Combining classically-inspired furniture with a curved sink with renewed lines will allow you to create a bathroom with a vintage style ; or on the contrary, if you would prefer a more futuristic aesthetic, you can include an aluminium sink and a natural stone countertop in black.

Fashionable decorative elements

Decorative bathroom elements are ideal for adding an attractive and bold touch to this space. Small pieces perfect for creating a desirable decorative style with striking colours and prints. This season we are seeing bathrooms with softer colours. Pastel colours perfect for accessories such as mirrors, towels or pictures. Little changes that will transform your bathroom entirely.