In recent years, the bathroom has undergone an evolution. Its entire concept has changed, turning from what was previously merely a functional room, into a space for unique experiences and sensations. The bathrooms of today are spaces in which to escape and relax, to get away from the stresses of daily life and experience moments of maximum comfort.

Among this whirlpool of experiences, the shower space reigns supreme. The shower plays a crucial role in allowing you to achieve these moments of relaxation, however it is equally important not to forget that a shower should be fitted with the highest quality equipment and best technology. A custom shower enclosure adapted to the space available in your bathroom; shower column technology; or a shower tray that offers the latest designs and maximum security; all this will allow you to enjoy your moment of calm with the added security that is guaranteed by our high performance equipment.

At Get Your Shower, in our online custom enclosures store, our offer covers almost every last inch of your shower, so that all you need to worry about is having the most optimal shower experience possible.

Personalised enclosures for made-to-measure showers

Each bathroom often has its own complex requirements. For this reason, Get Your Shower offers its clients a series of custom-made shower enclosures and bathtubs that adapt to any type of bathroom. Whatever the arrangement and measurements of your bathroom, Get Your Shower will satisfy your space’s every need through offering a top-quality service that can be entirely personalized and customized.

The materials used and meticulous work that goes into creating our mechanisms guarantee their perfect operation, alongside the smooth opening and closing, as well as tightness, of doors.

What’s more, the brand is ever embracing innovation in the shower, offering a wide range of versatile solutions for enclosures, such as adaptable stabilizing bars or fixed fastening systems; fixtures that decrease the chance of falls or that feature an integrated bench, to provide improved design and functionality; or our Teknoclean system, which facilitates the easy cleaning of enclosures, thanks to reducing the build-up of limescale.

Cut to size shower trays, 100% security

On top of being the leading brand in the design and production of enclosures, Get Your Shower, constantly in search of comprehensive shower solutions, meets the needs of the market with its innovative Gotham shower trays. These shower trays are also made-to-measure and can be cut to any size you need. Another perk offered by Get Your Shower with these shower trays is safety, as they feature an ultra-slim, anti-slip base, which is also easy to clean and maintain. All this comes hand in hand with a unique and original design, owing to the various colours available.


Shower columns: technology that creates unique and relaxing experiences

Get Your Shower’s commitment to technology and innovation can also be seen in their hydromassage shower columns. This is a feature which, in the case of the Iplash series, includes a tap, overhead shower and handshower, enabling you to completely personalize your bathroom experience. The handshower also boasts full rotation, while the overhead shower creates the effect of rain through its large-scale showerhead, and allows for adjusting the hose height. Looking to the Lue collection, you will discover a brass wall hydromassage column with a thermostatic or mixer tap and a height-adjustable showerhead. Offering style and top technology, you need look no further to create the ideal minimalist bathroom. But the deal does not end there, as the Iplash series also allows you to completely personalize your design through the numerous colour combinations available, which have the power to bring any modern bathroom to life.