Bath enclosures

There are certain signs that warn us that our bathroom needs a renovation; in some cases the need for a complete renovation is more evident and in others a makeover could be enough. For example, in cases where there is

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One of the most important aspects when designing your bathroom is that your bath or shower is impervious. This means that the most prominent bathroom solutions are curtains and enclosures.


Like every season Pantone marks the trending tone of the year, filling our lives with colour. This year Ultra Violet has been the protagonist, a purple colour scheme with a blue base that breaks all conventionalisms, exuding originality, spirituality and

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One of the most common dilemmas when renovating a bathroom is choosing between a shower and a bath. While a shower offers comfort and practicality when you just want a quick wash, having a bath allows you to enjoy moments

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One of the most important premises of GetYourShower, online shop for quality bath enclosures, is to satisfy the user’s desires and needs. The business therefore counts on a spacious design of bath enclosures with very different qualities and functions which adapt

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GetYourShower began with the idea of offering bespoke bath enclosures with complete freedom of personalisation, that would satisfy the needs of every user and every bathroom. However, one of the greatest assets of GetYourShower is its commitment to quality: a

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