shower enclosure

Like every season Pantone marks the trending tone of the year, filling our lives with colour. This year Ultra Violet has been the protagonist, a purple colour scheme with a blue base that breaks all conventionalisms, exuding originality, spirituality and

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We are welcoming a new year filled with new decorative trends for bathrooms. And 2018 is bursting with ideas! The latest trends veer towards aseptic spaces with fluid, minimalist lines, in which character is accentuated through the use of naturally-inspired

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Renovating the bathroom is normally one of the most important factors when refurbishing any house, since bathrooms aim to strike a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic value. Each bathroom is different, and so are the requirements of each home.

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Nowadays we are all increasingly committed to sustainability and caring for the environment. We at GetYourShower, as experts in bath enclosures, would therefore like to suggest some simple tips for creating a more sustainable and naturally-inspired bathroom. In addition to

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When designing a bathroom it is very important to take into account the space available, since by doing this you can choose bathroom equipment whose size and design provides freedom of movement and creates a practical and harmonious environment.


When we are preparing to change our bath enclosure, the first question that comes to mind is which is the best, a shower or a bath enclosure? For a space as important as the bathroom, an accomplice to family time

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