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When designing a bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing bathroom, it quickly becomes apparent that the room’s individual constituent parts can add up to a significant investment in terms of both time and money. This makes it all the

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Choosing the enclosure that works best with your bathroom can be quite a challenge, since this will be conditioned by important factors, such as available space, aesthetic value and convenience. However, there is one more factor to take into consideration:

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When designing a bathroom it is very important to take into account the space available, since by doing this you can choose bathroom equipment whose size and design provides freedom of movement and creates a practical and harmonious environment.


One of the up-and-coming trends in bathroom design is ground-level showers. Whether you are undertaking a new construction or revamping your bathroom, opting for this minimalist shower configuration system involves the most innovative contemporary bathroom equipment. Although the origin of

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Floor-standing shower trays Getyourshower

Minimalism is one of the most frequently followed guidelines in modern bathrooms. It not only brings simplicity and elegance to the small details, eliminating everything that is not essential from the design; but also has a great power to enhance

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