When it comes to selecting bathroom fittings, the ease of cleaning the bathroom is a consideration worth bearing in mind. All the more so regarding bath enclosures, which are always liable to accumulate dirt and limescale residues, which not only spoil the appearance of the bathroom, but prove very difficult to remove.

Get Your Shower, a company that manufactures made-to-measure shower and bath enclosures, ensures the easy cleaning of their enclosures through their revolutionary Teknoclean system. An intelligent system based on nanotechnology which, when applied onto the surface of glass panels, forms a protective film which repels liquids and minimizes the build-up of dirt and limescale. As a result, Teknoclean assures that enclosures are easy to clean, and guarantees durability that will endure over 4,000 cleaning cycles.

No limescale for 8 years

In looking to make your life easier, Teknoclean guarantees to meet the standards of resistance and durability tests conducted by the company Get Your Shower. Their system ensures correct adhesion, which facilitates increased ease and comfort when cleaning the enclosure. What is more, the Teknoclean coating is resistant to all common cleaning products, and even protects the enclosure from difficult stains, such as oil and grease spots.

Another highlight offered by Teknoclean is that in repelling water, and along with it any dirt, limescale and contaminant substances, the enclosure stays looking newer for longer. Keep your bathroom in impeccable condition and as spotless as it was on its first day, thanks to the Teknoclean system from Get Your Shower, which saves you both time and money.

Enter our virtual decorator and build up an enclosure made to your required measurements. You can select the design and finish, customize it completely to suit your tastes, and enjoy easy cleaning and maintenance through the innovative system of Teknoclean.