At GetYourShower, the online shower enclosure store, we think that a bathroom has to be aesthetically great – but optimal functionality and comfort are also essential. Therefore, our bath enclosures are manufactured with the most innovative materials on the market, under the highest quality standards. They are also designed to produce tasteful bathrooms with a real sense of harmony.

If you are considering the possibility of renovating your bathroom or giving it a new look, we want to first reveal some of our bath enclosures experts’ advice to help choose the design that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

TIPS to consider before buying a bath enclosure:

Assess your bathroom and choose a suitable door opening

In order to determine the most appropriate type of opening, you must be aware of the shape of the shower and the access space. If you have a smaller bathroom, sliding enclosures, swinging enclosures or angular opening enclosures such as our folding enclosures will provide you with greater accessibility and comfort, as the first requires no extra space for its opening; and the last two are favourites due to their fantastic space efficiency.

If you have a more spacious bathroom, you have the option of opting for our stand-out enclosure: the elegant and practical fixed enclosure. A design with a bright, clean finish, bringing an unbeatable harmonious ambience to your bathroom.

Measurements are key

If you want a spacious and cosy bathroom, it is essential that you take the measurements of your bathroom, following the advice of our shower enclosure experts. If you have a larger bathroom, we recommend that you opt for a bathtub or a Gotham shower tray; whilst if it is smaller, your best option is to have a shower area that will make the most of the bathroom corners.

Click here to download our guide on how to fit your enclosure.


Invisible security: choose assurance

Although we tend to bring minimalism to its greatest potential in bathrooms with showers that are essentially ‘invisible’, the most important factor is that it is safe. Therefore, GetYourShower’s enclosures are made from tempered safety glass, available at 6 and 8 mm. What is tempered glass? ‘Tempered’ implies that in the unlikely event of the glass breaking, it is broken into pieces no bigger than 4-5 mm, thus reducing the danger of cuts and tears. Always choose brands that guarantee your home safety.

Functionality and accessibility

With the elderly, children and people with reduced mobility, you must note that the best option is a non-obstacle shower tray; and an easy access enclosure such as walk-in shower enclosures or half-wall enclosures, which allow the shower mixers to be accessed from the outside, thus avoiding water spilling out from the enclosure.

Furthermore, it is essential that those people with reduced mobility (PRM) have footholds and that the chosen glass is the thickest so that the screen is more secure and resistant.

Personalise to your liking

With GetYourShower’s virtual decorator, your bathroom enclosure will be integrated into your bathroom and will suit your discerning aesthetic tastes, as it allows you to completely personalise your bath enclosure.

On the one hand, you can select the position of the shower, the measurements, the thickness of the glass, and even the shape, handles and knobs. On the other hand, you can choose from a wide range of finishes, including those in white, silver, chrome, inox and wenge.

In addition, translucent areas can be incorporated into the enclosure: choose between completely transparent or translucent glass; and even decorate it with glass printing technology: a technology that gives you the option of including singular and personal designs that can provide relaxed, geometric, natural backdrops…

In short, GetYourShower have successfully managed to design an innovative way of catering 100% to the customer’s needs and tastes, providing you with the bathroom of your dreams.