Nowadays we are all increasingly committed to sustainability and caring for the environment. We at GetYourShower, as experts in bath enclosures, would therefore like to suggest some simple tips for creating a more sustainable and naturally-inspired bathroom. In addition to the small sustainability measures that we can take on a daily basis, new developments in bathroom design make it possible to have a comfortable and revitalising experience while still making a natural and efficient use of resources.

1. Sustainable wood

Our bathrooms would not be the same without materials that evoke natural environments, as wood does with its warmth, colour and texture. We will choose ECO-certified wood, as this contributes to preserving the environment without causing it harm. This will be an excellent option for integrating wood into our surroundings, whether this is in furnishings or decorative elements.

2. Clay, an original material

Natural materials such as clay are perfect for creating a more sustainable bathroom. This material balances out the quantity of air and absorbs odours, in this way creating a pleasant environment which is respectful of nature.

3. Showers beat baths in the battle for sustainability

Showers are undoubtedly the most practical and ecological option that we can choose for our bathroom. They save considerable amounts of water and feature designs such as ECO aerators which mix water with air to create a captivating shower experience using a lower quantity of water per minute.  In addition to this, showers with sliding enclosures speed up our daily bathroom routine.

4. Connect with your purer side

To further heighten the feeling of natural purity in the bathroom, we will choose showers with GetYourShower’s Glass Printing Technology. This innovative method will enable you to capture natural patterns and customise your bath enclosure with an optimum quality that will transport you to a place of freshness and wellbeing.

5. Material trends

One of the sustainability and efficiency trends that has really gained strength this year is the use of elements that emphasise the aesthetic qualities of the materials, whether this is in toilets crafted from a single piece of stone or floors and overlays created using raw materials with a rugged and unconstructed appearance. The combination of these elements will help us to create visual plays and make certain areas stand out, creating a pure and harmonious space.