The main benefits of using a hydromassage column

Apart from the absolute “treat” of taking a hydromassage shower, there are plenty of other physical and mental benefits to be gained from hydromassage columns.

Suitable for everyone. Hydromassage columns can be used by anyone, regardless of their age and physical condition. Hydromassage is good for everybody.

Muscle relaxation. Few things provide such complete muscle relaxation as a hydromassage. Particularly recommended for sportspeople. The nozzles up and down the length of the column massage the entire body.

Improved circulation. Hydrotherapy treatments have been proved to be beneficial for blood circulation. However, they should never be considered an alternative to medical treatment, unless specifically prescribed.

Relieve tension. Directing jets of water onto muscles strained by physical effort helps to relieve tension and pain.

Eliminate toxins. This is an inherent benefit of showering; hot water opens the pores and helps eliminate toxins.

Mental relaxation. With all the benefits listed above, you are obviously going to feel better. Physical relaxation and relief from tense muscles makes you feel calmer.

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