Shower enclosures have become an original and creative decorative resource when it comes to bringing a unique touch to your bathroom. Both transparent screens and those with sandblasted finishes are able to beautify this space evoking relaxation, as well as providing it with the functionality and practicality that it needs.

Today we are going to get to know the decorative possibilities and properties offered by GetYourShower’s shower enclosures with a sandblasted finish. An endless range of designs and personalised finishes that, with a discreet decorative touch, are able to create an atmosphere of impressive character, as well as providing greater privacy in the bathroom.

To achieve these unique finishes, GetYourShower uses a sophisticated technique where high pressure sand is projected onto the surface of the glass in order to transfer the desired design onto the screen. This is available in transparent, smoke grey or blue glass.

Natural finishes

One of the most cutting-edge trends in bathroom design is including plant motifs in the bathroom. A unique way of opting for this trend is with a folding shower screen with a sandblasted Leaves finish. Your bathroom will exude calm, tranquillity and nature if you choose this screen and include decorative elements such as towels in sun-toasted and leaf-green colours, as well as plants for humid environments such as Bamboo or Orchids.

Geometric finishes

Geometry has become one of the most important decorative trends of 2017, and it’s not surprising when we see the extraordinary decorative results that can be achieved with this trend. If you want to add some geometry to your bathroom in an elegant and timeless way, include a sliding shower screen with sandblasted finishes such as Stripes, Grids or Digits, all available in GetYourShower’s virtual decorator.

Exotic finishes

The most coveted decorative style of the moment is one capable of transmitting an exotic energy and aesthetic full of nuances and surprising designs. An easy, simple way of achieving this is by including unique patterns in your shower enclosure with swirling or baroque sandblasted finishes.

Finishes for book lovers

If devouring books is one of your passions, nothing could be better than a walk-in shower enclosure that corresponds to your favourite hobby with sandblasted designs of Lyrics or phrases such as in Acqua. Let yourself be enveloped in a blanket of letters and get a bathroom with your own personal stamp on it.

Finishes full of contrasts

Getting a decoration of contrasts in your bathroom has never been so easy. Advocate for a totally white bathroom and include a folding shower screen with a Bold, Wold or Italic sandblasted finish in dark grey. These three sandblasted options occupy a large part of the screen and thus create an exceptional set of contrasts.

Ultimately, GetYourShower offers different decorative possibilities so that the user can customise their bathroom according to their tastes and needs without sacrificing the utmost quality. This is the only way to guarantee an unrivalled bathroom experience for the user.