Futuristic bathrooms combine creativity and functionality in order to offer an unrivalled bathroom experience. With designs that seek the utmost in wellbeing and relaxation, this type of futuristic space maximises the concept of wellness within the home. If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a futuristic feel, Get Your Shower can offer you the keys to adapting your bathroom to the most cutting-edge futuristic trends on the market.

1. Inspiration from natural materials

The future goes hand in hand with sustainability and nature, and futuristic-style bathrooms emulate natural environments with materials such as wood, glass, metal and stone. As we observe in this environment, the combination of different materials creates an unparalleled sensation of peace and tranquillity. The warmth of the wood, the visual spaciousness offered by the glass of the sliding screens, the roughness of the natural stone, and the elegance provided by the metal; as a whole, they create a bathroom with magnificent character and personality.

2.Neutral colours

The most popular tones used in futuristic bathrooms are white, black and grey. Together, these colours create an ideal contrast for showing off elements such as the furniture, flooring or cladding.

3. Suspended elements

The futuristic trend uses suspended bathroom equipment in order to create a unique sense of space, order and neatness in the bathroom. Likewise, walk-in enclosures are ideal for enhancing this effect, as they hardly have any profiling and they create a light and harmonious environment.

4. Intelligent technology

The sink, shower and bidet mechanisms incorporate intelligent technology to ensure that just the right amount of water is used. Similarly, they stand out for the practicality they provide, as they start working when they detect the user, thus offering a unique and personalised daily bathroom experience.

5. Minimalist shower enclosures

Under the motto ‘less is more’, the futuristic style is characterised by shower enclosures that are practically imperceptible to the human eye. The transparent glass fits the translucent trend, as the passage of light helps to create a greater sense of space in the bathroom. It is also very common with this style to find contrasts in the shower enclosures. The personalisation, glass designs, or profiling in a neutral colour, create very representative contrasts that reflect the essence of this type of futuristic bathroom.