Black is one of those ‘always trendy’ colours. Synonymous of simplicity, of elegance and sophistication, black has always been one of the timeless tones in decoration. However, black is a profound and dark colour, often out of favour with spaciousness and depth in interior design. Therefore, it is essential to opt for it in small doses, allowing you a taste of its style and disposition without leaving the space too narrow and overloaded.

When it comes to customising a shower space, something similar happens. Black showers are a 2017 trend, but in small touches through selected elements. At GetYourShower, the online made-to-measure shower enclosure shop, we want you to design your own personalised shower space at your convenience, and to do so, we give you the tools you need to decorate a bathroom in a black colour, which at the same time shines elegantly and uniquely.

Combinations in black for modern showers

1. Shower enclosures with a glass, blackened finish

When it comes to decorating a shower with combinations of black, one of your options for the enclosure is to opt for a glass with a darkened finish. At GetYourShower, through its wide range of options of personalisation for made-to-measure shower enclosures, you can find any enclosure model with the sensational and exquisite Graphite finish. As well as offering an elegant look for the bathroom, the advantage of this type of finish is that it gives the shower space a greater intimacy, without taking away the spaciousness from the semi-transparent glass. Go to GetYourShower’s virtual configurator and choose any enclosure with the Graphite finish. The best part is that you can combine this with Sand Blast and Glass Printing Technology for an even more personalised finish.


2. Shower enclosures decorated in black

Another alternative for more subtle and exquisite black combinations is to decorate the enclosure with patterns in black. With GetYourShower’s Glass Printing technology, you can choose any pattern imaginable. Another very trendy option is to place a frame around the whole enclosure, as with the grid effect. Whatever the effect you’re looking to achieve, it is possible with GetYourShower and their 100% Custom shower enclosure service.


3. Shower trays and columns in black

Aside from the enclosure itself, you can decorate it with shades of black by means of other elements that compose the fittings, like shower trays or shower columns. In the case of shower trays, the GetYourShower ultra-slim option – like the one seen in the Gotham series – not only allows you to achieve a highly minimalistic, singular, aesthetic effect, but also to benefit from the quality of a shower tray of those characteristics. These Gotham shower trays can also be shortened, and thus adapted to any space. Furthermore, they are slip-resistant and easily cleaned and maintained.

With regard to shower columns, these are also presented as a possible choice when decorating a bathroom in black. At GetYourShower, we have the Iplash shower column in black, with hydro-massage, thermostatic taps and countless accessories.

4. Black coatings

The fourth option, and possibly the longest when it comes to decorating showers in black, is to select a black coating in combination with a transparent shower enclosure. The effect achieved is real elegance and depth, and aesthetically you get a singular shower space. Beyond this, some people choose a shower of maximum transparency in order to introduce, in contrast, a bathroom coating in dark colour, and even, in many cases, with decorated tiles.

Whichever route you choose, the best thing is to have companies like GetYourShower, who, as you carry out a renovation or new project, allow you to 100% personalise in both space and finishes, and best of all: that they guarantee high quality materials.