One of the up-and-coming trends in bathroom design is ground-level showers. Whether you are undertaking a new construction or revamping your bathroom, opting for this minimalist shower configuration system involves the most innovative contemporary bathroom equipment.

Although the origin of ground-level bathrooms, also known as Italian showers, date back to Roman times, the truth is that today these types of facilities are synonymous with modernity and elegance. Light, ethereal and classy, this type of shower makes the bathroom design exclusive, whilst allowing for space, comfort and ease of use.

Ground-level showers with super flat shower trays

Ground-level showers are characterised mainly by the fact that they are accessed without steps, making the shower area fully integrated into the bathroom. In addition, they allow you to avoid uncomfortable stumbles and blows in the corners, and access to the shower space is much easier and more practical.

Although there are various types of ground-level shower facilities, at GetYourShower, the online custom-made shower enclosure store, we are going to focus on how to get it with super-flat shower trays. With this type of reduced-thickness shower tray and supported by the flooring, it is possible to achieve a highly practical Italian shower effect, with  a minimal step and levels on the sides that support the shower enclosure directly on the tray. For example, the Gotham shower tray from GetYourShower is ideal for this purpose, with a thickness of only 3mm and made of anti-slip resin with mineral loads. In addition, GetYourShower’s Gotham shower trays can be cut to size, and even crafted in any colour or finish, allowing you to completely personalise your bathroom design. Another feature of these shower trays is that they are easy to clean and maintain, as well as to install, including high flow siphonic drainage, super flat with a stainless steel grille and square design flush with the tray.

The perfect addition to a shower tray for a ground-level facility, great for avoiding splashes,  is a custom-made enclosure from GetYourShower, with totally personalised designs, and an opening method that best adapts to the daily use of your bathroom.


Advantages of ground-level showers

The advantages offered by ground-level showers is one of the reasons why they are such a popular trend today.  These advantages are both aesthetic and functional, as this type of shower simplifies access and facilitates use.

In terms of aesthetic advantages, this type of shower allows you, on the one hand, to visually increase the size of your bathroom, which is undoubtedly perfect for smaller bathrooms. By unifying the flooring with the shower space and having no obstacles, the shower seems completely integrated into the bathroom, and the sensation of space is much greater.

On the other hand, this type of shower allows you to homogenise the space and the decoration, through continuous and matching flooring and cladding, seamlessly blending both in and out of the shower.

Likewise, this type of shower allows you to achieve an elegant, simple and minimalist design, with elements reduced to their minimum expression; as well as relocating the shower to any area of the bathroom, achieving a much more modern and exclusive integrated effect.

As for the advantages related to the functionality and use of the shower, the easy access to this type of shower, due to the lack of breaks and steps, must be emphasised. If you also select a custom-made enclosure with folding opening system, like those offered by GetYourShower, accessing the shower will be much simpler, even for older people with reduced mobility. However, GetYourShower also has other screen opening systems, such as folding screens and sliding screens that, adapting to the needs of the user, allow you to enjoy a high level of comfort on a day to day basis.

In terms of the daily maintenance of this type of ground-level shower, it must be emphasised that they are easy to clean and maintain, they have fewer nooks and corners where dirt can accumulate, and no metal elements are required for the doors.

Do not hesitate, and trust in GetYourShower to install a ground-level shower facility. Quality and versatility for a modern, up-to-date, highly comfortable and practical bathroom.