One of the principal characteristics of bathroom decoration is how daring and bold decorative proposals can be, as well as the infinite number of combinations and contrasts that lead this space. GetYourShower, tirelessly committed to being at the forefront of bathroom trends, has brought out materials that are going to excel in this new autumn-winter season. The strength, purity, texture and colour of a material is capable of not only bringing unique properties to the daily shower experience, but also furnishing the bathroom with an imposing personality.

Ceramic wood

One of the key trends this season is including ceramic parquet flooring in the bathroom. It is a proposal that has left the industry amazed, due to the incredibly realistic way it recreates the natural textures, colours and irregularities of wood. As such it achieves an incomparable visual effect, creating a warm atmosphere that is at the same time durable and clean thanks to its ceramic properties.

This environment combines flooring that simulates wood with a smoked black walk-in shower enclosure and a shower tray that blends in with the pure white interior shower wall.

Timeless metallic

The trend for silver and gold is still dominating this season, but with a difference. These striking finishes are ideal for all types of components and surfaces, for coverings as well as decorative elements, whatever the shower profile. We have already mentioned in a previous post that this profile is an original and practical means of incorporating this decorative trend into your bathroom, in a way that is elegant and well-integrated. Thanks to the GetYourShower virtual decorator you can make your own personal enclosure and choose between the wide range of profiles available.

Marble in its darkest form

Marble is as prominent as ever, this time in its most daring and fantastical form yet. In addition to the marble in clear tones that which we have become accustomed to, this season bathrooms with a dark touch are being championed, but with texture and imperfections. Within this environment we have noticed a transparent corner folding shower enclosure and an interplay of geometric forms produced through contrasting colours, such as black marble surrounded by a backdrop dominated by white.

Textured stone

Stone brings sophistication and authenticity to the bathroom. Equally as appropriate for coverings as for shower trays. Furthermore, the tonal and textural variations of stone are irresistible.  We have found this to be the case as much with large pieces as with brick or more diverse pieces. Without a doubt, this is an ideal way to create contrasts with black and white backgrounds, and is perfect for shower trays levelled with the floor.

Geometric ceramic inspired by hydraulic floor tiles

A classic among classics. Ceramic is a timeless material that has been used for decades in the bathroom due to its incomparable properties, such as resistance, durability, and its easy cleaning and use. However, as with everything, it evolves and reinvents itself, and this year has made a strong push towards geometry and vibrant colours.

We have seen included in this environment ceramic flooring that is reminiscent of the elaborate and traditional facades of Oporto, in the style of hydraulic floor tiles, with a pure white background and a foldable shower enclosure with a metallic profile. A mix and match ideal for achieving a bathroom that is minimalist but also has character.