In the world of interior design there are no limits when it comes to imagining unique and bold environments, giving the opportunity to add extraordinary personality and character to a home. The bathroom has become one of the spaces in the home most frequently used to create that special look which every home needs. So much so that today, not only are there infinite decorative possibilities available, but moreover its supremacy has allowed it to become the focus of innovation in the home.

The bathroom has ceased to be merely a simple and functional space, and has now become the cornerstone for environments invoking relaxation and an incomparable sensory experience. GetYourShower, in an effort to adapt to both the latest trends and demands of its users, offers a selection of shower enclosure models ideal for each of this interior design trend´s MUST-HAVE spaces.

Bathrooms in the bedroom

Having a separated ensuite bathroom in a bedroom has now gone out of fashion. Today both spaces have fused together into the same environment, championing a more neutral environment, transforming it from an area for rest and relaxation into an authentic and calming oasis. For those who are not totally convinced by the idea of having both spaces entirely open, we offer enclosures with internal glass partition doors, such as the Kosmos series. This is a way of creating the essence of an integral environment without sacrificing the functionality and practicality of an enclosure, thus preventing smell, humidity and noise from spreading into the room.

3. original-bathroom-shower-enclosure

Open bathrooms for all types of spaces

Would you have a shower in the hallway? Preposterous? Well, there are places that exist which are conceived and designed to break from the norm, without formalities or limits. Places where there is only room for enjoyment of their features. These types of bathrooms encourage the enjoyment of any space, and a perfect example of this is the sliding bathroom enclosure in the form of a cubicle, which permits a 360° view of the environment. They say that freeing yourself from logic encourages creativity and opens the mind. Therefore, why not try it?

Bathrooms as an entrance to a balcony

One of the most original places to put a bathroom is in the entrance to a balcony. This bathroom is not suitable for any possible indiscreet looks from nosey neighbours, however with location and privacy permitting, it is ideal for making the most of the large windows of a balcony, thus creating an almost magical space worthy of the most luxurious and exclusive bathrooms in the world. The walk-in bathroom enclosure is one of the most authentic ways of creating this effect, since it barely has an outline it maximises the sensation of an infinite balcony without any form of visual obstacle.


Lofts that evoke calm and serenity

Lofts are generally used as bedrooms or for storage, but the truth is that these little refuges are ideal for creating an incomparable bathroom environment. Wood, light and white bathroom accessories are fundamental and appropriate for creating a bathroom capable of providing an incomparable shower experience.

For this type of smaller space, the folding bathroom enclosure is ideal as it is capable of making the most of the space’s unexpected potential, providing a shower which is both functional and as practical as possible.