As far as building accommodation is concerned, we could give the story of modern architecture the title “the incredible shrinking flat” in tribute to the old Jack Arnold film (“The Incredible Shrinking Man”, 1957).

cartel1I make reference to this classic film because its lead character, as well as getting smaller and smaller, also suffers a personality change.

What is happening to us is the opposite. We stay the same size, but the spaces we live in are getting smaller and smaller which, according to behavioural psychologists, can have a negative effect on us.

Flats are increasingly small, and if there’s one room which has suffered this drastic cutback in square metres, it’s the bathroom. And this is a room we have to visit several times a day.

But let’s be positive. If small spaces can affect us badly, let’s at least make them functional and beautiful. As the title says, let’s turn them into a space to be proud of.

There is no doubt that the bathtub or shower will take centre-stage, given their size. For years at GET YOUR SHOWER we have been working to offer products that combine form and function, coming up with solutions which fit any space perfectly, however small it might be.

Our bathtub and shower enclosures are made to measure to the exact dimensions each bathroom calls for and with the most suitable door system for making access easier and creating a sensation of ease: hinged, sliding or folding doors.

And of course at GET YOUR SHOWER we also manufacture bathroom and shower enclosures without doors using fixed panel components. These are what we call Walk-in.

But as well as ease we are also talking about beauty, about creating an aesthetic experience in the bathroom. We can do this. The sky’s the limit!

technology for digital printing

Thanks to our technology for digital printing onto glass, you can have your bathroom enclosure decorated with any of the numerous designs we offer. No limits on your imagination, taste or dreams.

Would you like to try it out? Visit our Virtual Decorator now and experiment with the design you like best to turn your pocket-sized bathroom into a space to be proud of.