Like every season Pantone marks the trending tone of the year, filling our lives with colour. This year Ultra Violet has been the protagonist, a purple colour scheme with a blue base that breaks all conventionalisms, exuding originality, spirituality and mystery.

This striking and fresh colour evokes spring and is associated with the practice of mindfulness, as it attracts creativity, relaxation and inspiration. Qualities that make it the ideal tint to incorporate into your bathroom, as it is a place to relax, think and let ideas flow. Through GetYourShower we provide the most innovative proposals for you to include violet in your bathroom, achieving perfect surroundings full of personality and luminosity. Here are a few tips on how you can dye your life violet.

1. Trending Furniture in full colour

This year the purple trend arrives with full force in the decoration of our homes. Small furniture will have a very important role as it will fill the room with colour without saturating it excessively. Stools, shelves and auxiliary furniture help us achieve the desired visual effect.

Furthermore, a good alternative to incorporate this shade into your bathroom is to include it in the shower, the Glass printing technique from GetYourShower, customizes our enclosures in full colour and obtains originality that is so characteristic of violet. Bet on the colour of your enclosure and surround your shower in unique sensations.

2. Purple brushstrokes

The colour of the walls plays an essential role in the room as this changes the aspect of the bathroom completely. Due to the great intensity of Ultra Violet, the best option would be to only paint one wall to highlight the softness of other tones.

If you choose this alternative, it is best to combine this command of colour with transparent enclosures to balance the feel in the bathroom providing more luminosity and spaciousness.

3. Be attentive to details

One of the best ways to integrate violet into the bathroom is to add small details and accessories. We can play with candles, carpets, towels and all types of flowers.

Although these elements don´t require grand modifications in our bathrooms, they add a very stylish personal touch.

4. Combine it with other tones

As we have already mentioned, Ultra Violet is a colour filled with power and intensity that fills the room with good vibrations. For this reason, the best option is to combine it with tones of the same colour range or other more neutral tones such as nude, beige or white.

Opt for the combination of the star of the season with pinks, blues and violets and make your bathroom an evocative place. Cover your bathroom in harmony and fluidity and you will ensure that the colour of the season will be the star in your decoration.

With our shower customized enclosures, the decorative possibilities in your bathroom increase and permit your shower enhance its visual prominence. Take a look at our enclosure recommendations through our virtual decorator and personalise your bathroom.