Here at GetYourShower, the online custom-made bath enclosure store, we want to show you the decorative possibilities provided by each one of our designs. Each of our bath enclosures and designs has a purpose, always under the premise of maximum quality and total customisation. In a previous post, we talked about folding screens; this time we want to concentrate on another type of enclosure: fixed or walk-in enclosures. This type of bath enclosure not only excels in improving the space on a decorative level, but also helps to create a visually spacious bathroom with a functional design and unequalled elegance. Do you want to know all the advantages offered by GetYourShower’s walk-in enclosures? Keep reading to find out:

Advantage 1| Semi-closed showers

One of the main advantages of having a walk-in shower enclosure is that it allows you to divide your shower space in an elegant and almost imperceptible way. With a preliminary study of the characteristics of your bathroom, you can incorporate a custom-made bath enclosure that leaves part of the shower exposed. The decorative result is amazing, with only the profile and  stabilising bar in sight.

Advantage 2| A sense of space

Another plus of having a walk-in enclosure is the spaciousness it offers. In addition to physically taking up less space and the sense of amplitude that this provides, this type of enclosure makes the shower seem invisible, visually creating more space. They are therefore ideal for installation in small bathrooms.


Advantage 3| Custom-made enclosures to make the most of your space

With our virtual decorator, you can choose the exact measurements that you want for your bath enclosure, as well as other details such as the type of glass, the profiling, and the finish. A custom-made shower enclosure allows you to make the most of your bathroom space, and even to install it yourself.

Advantage 4| A minimalist bathroom

If you want a minimalist bathroom, a walk-in enclosure strikes the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. With clean and simple lines, the walk-in enclosure will be your best ally for an aesthetically subtle bathroom with elegance and personality.

If you have any type of question regarding the bath enclosures mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us.