Having a bathroom with large dimensions is a total luxury nowadays, as we have got used to compact bathroom spaces that require special expertise to transform them into appealing and functional bathrooms.

However, XXL bathrooms give us an infinite supply of decorative opportunities and allow us to include the latest trends in enclosures with scandalous sizes and daring finishes.

At GetYourShower, we offer you bathroom enclosures made to measure so that you don’t limit your imagination and do optimise your maxi bathroom. Take note!

Enclosures made to measure

If you have an XXL bathroom opt for maximalist and made to measure enclosures. Make your idea a reality with GetYourShower’s virtual customiser, which allows you to design your bathroom enclosure to measure and select each and every one of its finishes.

Furthermore, thanks to its Glass Printing Technology technique, you can customise your enclosure according to your bathroom’s style and decorative line, thus creating a unique environment that is as personal as possible.

Iron enclosures

Iron enclosures reminiscent of window grilles have arrived in full force this season. This enclosure style adds an incomparable industrial touch to the bathroom but requires a large space to transform it in an optimal and truly appealing way.

Double access bathroom enclosures

The key to a practical XXL bathroom lies in taking advantage of the efficient space. The best way to do this is with a double access enclosure. These enclosures allow quick access to the shower and better handling of the elements in the bathroom. In this way, they offer a shower experience in which comfort and functionality prevail.

Enclosures which delineate space

Another trend of the season are open spaces such as bathrooms integrated into the bedroom. For this, the transparent enclosures become the best ally to delineate the space without disregarding a fluid atmosphere in which visual continuity prevails.

Little big ideas that will make your XXL bathroom a contemporary, comfortable space that is full of personality.