It is increasingly common to encounter bathrooms with compact, reduced dimensions. But this fact does not necessarily entail a problem – rather, an opportunity to create a cosy corner that radiates well-being and a feeling of freedom and breadth.

At GetYourShower, we offer bespoke bath enclosures to help you take advantage of every last corner of your bathroom to design a functional, attractive room that harnesses the full potential of the available space.

#6 tips to enlarge your XXS bathroom for very little

1. Clear, neutral colours

The inclusion of clear, neutral colours in the bathroom is an ideal resource to create the optical illusion of a larger space. In the same way, combining side walls in these bright colours with a darker colour in the background will maximise the effect of widening the space.

2. Fully transparent shower enclosures

On the other hand, as experts in bath enclosures, it is worth mentioning that enclosures are a fantastic option for making a compact bathroom more roomy and spacious. Fully transparent enclosures such as the Walk-In shower enclosure, thanks to the absence of profiling, are almost unnoticeable and don’t fill the space with those divisions that can make an environment feel smaller.

3. Large-size wall and floor tiles

The wall and floor tiles of a bathroom play a crucial role in achieving a compact room that evokes harmony. This is due to the fact that choosing large-size ceramic or natural stone tiles reduces the number of visible joints.

4. Bespoke furniture and enclosures

One of the most common errors in a compact bathroom is to include furniture that is not suitable for reduced dimensions, as such items can become an obstacle. For this reason, one of the most effective ways to make the most of every last corner of the bathroom is to use shallow, made-to-measure furniture and bathroom equipment. Again, custom shower enclosures from GetYourShower are an infallible resource for a harmonious, functional bathroom.

5. Broaden space with mirrors

In a small bathroom, why not set up two walls facing each other, with mirror panels to blur their boundaries? At the same time, you can really maximise the feeling of infinite space with reflections from transparent elements, such as the shower enclosure or a transparent sink.

6. Glass walls

Finally, one of the greatest breakthrough resources in compact bathrooms is replacing conventional partitions with glass elements. In this way, Kosmos internal glass doors offer a unique feeling of spaciousness and unique lighting in those bathrooms with highly reduced dimensions and no natural light.